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Shanghai Yueda New Industrial Group Co., Ltd was registered in Shanhgai in April, 2003, and completed the reorganization in August 2006. And it is a large scale domestic capital enterprise invested and founded by Jiangsu Yueda Group Co., Ltd, to comply with the situation that China’s economy is rapidly developing, bring Yueda Group’ overall advantages into full play, make use of the advantages of Shanghai’s talented people, information, funds, policies and etc., enlarge and strengthen the enterprise scale and expand its new development space.

     Shanghai Yueda New Industrial Group Co., Ltd is positioned as a group company with "energy base as the leading role, independent investment and financing body and Yueda group headquarters in Shanghai".After 16 years of development, it has basically formed an industrial pattern with traditional  energy industry as the main industry and coordinated development of emerging energy and capital operation.At present, Shanghai Yueda New Industrial Group Co., Ltd holds 8 coal mining enterprises and shares them, with a total coal resource reserves of nearly 5 billion tons,recoverable reserves of more than 3 billion tons, and an existing production capacity of nearly 20 million tons; 4 non coal energy enterprises; and 1 electricity sales service enterprise. Since the 13th five-year plan, based on traditional energy, the company has actively developed non coal energy. Runyang Yueda Photovoltaic Technology Co., Ltd. has gradually become the benchmark of Yancheng photovoltaic industry. The newly invested Inner Mongolia yahai Energy Development Co., Ltd. will be committed to the field of liquefied natural gas, continue to seek the development of non coal field, and promote the transformation and upgrading of enterprises.

     Shanghai Yueda New Industrial Group Co., Ltd. will actively respond to the management and deployment according to the "Platform specialization” proposed by Yueda Group, optimize and strengthen the coal industry,take a new road of green mining and efficient utilization;transform and develop the new energy industry, take a new path of industrial transformation and innovation development, rely on the capital market of Shanghai, take a new road of industrial operation and capital integration development, and accelerate constructing one integrated energy company with great competition.